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Inventor Information


We appreciate your interest in our company and your desire to share your idea. To help work with external organizations, we have built a section called "Do Business with Us" on the Newell Rubbermaid website, which can be found under the "Our Company" tab at www.newellrubbermaid.com. As we indicate there, Newell Rubbermaid does not currently accept ideas or new product suggestions that we have not asked for (aka "unsolicited ideas"). Please do not mail us any documents or physical prototypes of any ideas, as these items cannot be returned to you.

From time to time, Newell Rubbermaid does post specific requests for information as well as innovation challenges on our website under "Do Business with Us". These requests are always focused on a particular technology, product category, or consumer need and are not "open calls" for unsolicited ideas. When responding to a specific area of interest, your idea must meet several requirements. For instance, your idea must be patented or patent pending with a published patent application. Detailed information about how to respond to a specific Newell Rubbermaid request for information or innovation challenge is provided on our website. Responses will only be reviewed if they are submitted through this website, and if they meet the requirements of the specific request.

We wish you good fortune in the successful commercialization of your idea and success in your invention efforts. Thank you once again for your interest in Newell Rubbermaid products.