Ace Press Box



May 22, 2007


New York, NY — 89% of all men surveyed said good grooming was essential to success in the business world but they are frustrated because the current offerings of men’s grooming tools in the marketplace are wimpy, feminine and too small. Clearly, size matters.

Enter ACE® – a new line of performance grooming tools for men. Once and for all, nose hair and unibrows don’t stand a plucking chance.

150 years after its first breakthrough with the classic black comb, ACE revolutionizes body care all over again with ACE precision grooming tools for men. Designed for the 21st century guy-on-the-go, this complete line of modern implements is precision engineered for quality, durability, simplicity, versatility and masculinity.

The brilliance is in the details: man-sized grips for implements, brushes, and other grooming tools, stainless steel construction for strength and durability, and an Xtreme Grip™ for maximum comfort and control. Now with ACE every guy can get serious about his looks.

Welcome to the new face of ACE

Designed with the modern, evolved man in mind, ACE has six different platforms of new products:

• ACE Tweezers are designed to make maintaining his appearance easier than ever. Specifically made with men in mind, the Precision Tweezer, Dual Action Tweezer and 3-in-1 Splinter Tweezer are sure to keep him looking sharp. (SRP $6.99-$7.99)

• ACE Nail Care category features Toenail Clippers & Fingernail Clippers, both engineered with Power Cut levers and clippings catchers. It also includes a Nail File Pick and Nail brush to clean, scrub, and shape the manliest of nails. (SRP $6.99 - $12.99)

• ACE Hair Tools include the ComfortFlex™ Pocket Comb, ComfortFlex™ Comb, ComfortFlex™ Brush, ComfortFlex™ Vent Brush and Dandruff-Control Brush that combines comfort and innovation to make daily grooming effortless. (SRP $3.99 - $7.99)

• ACE Trimming Tools feature cutting edge technology to make every man’s life easier, includes a Dual Action Trimmer, Safety Scissors, Detail Facial Scissors and a Facial Grooming Kit to effectively and safely groom facial, nose and ear hair. (SRP $10.99 - $21.99)

• ACE Travel Gear & Kits combine both style and convenience. These ACE travel sets include an Excursion Bag, a Power Grooming Kit and Essential Grooming Kit that no man should go without. Compact, compartmentalized, and durable, these travel cases and kits let you hit the road in style or give a gift that is sure-to-get-used. (SRP $15.99 - $31.99)

• ACE Shave Gear is a necessity for any guy’s bathroom. The ACE Fogless Shower Mirror is backed by a patented water reservoir that keeps the mirror fog-free. With the razor holder and fog-proof mirror in one, it provides a crystal-clear reflection and nick-free shave every morning. This mirror also includes two heavy-duty suction cups, a height-adjustable base for multiple users and a flexible razor holder for different razor sizes. (SRP $15.99)

ACE products are available nationwide at leading food, drug and mass market retailers.

About ACE Products, Inc. ®

ACE® is a part of Newell Rubbermaid’s portfolio of personal care brands, which includes Goody® and i|m™. Born in 1851, ACE launched the world’s first hard rubber comb. Now, 156 years later, ACE is introducing grooming tools specifically engineered for men. The innovative offering includes man-sized implements, ultra-sharp cutting blades, heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, Xtreme Grip™ and ComfortFlex™ technology. The ACE line of products delivers quality, durability and performance for men’s grooming needs. ACE is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.ACEforMEN.com.