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Jun 01, 2007


New York, NY — 22% of men spend less than 10 minutes grooming per day and as little time as possible on personal appearance. 33% of men groom “only as necessary”.

Enter ACE® – a new line of performance grooming tools for men. Once and for all, nose hair and unibrows don’t stand a plucking chance.

In order to educate men on the importance of a daily grooming routine and the amazing new ACE products made specifically for men, ACE will launch ACE Rules of the Game during the 2007 football season. Football players have to abide by certain rules during the game otherwise they get penalized. Well, men need to learn to abide by certain grooming rules as well. So ACE Rules of the Game will tour sports bars, stadiums, and retailers in the top 15 college and professional football cities in order to educate men on “follicle infractions” that they commit on a daily basis. These infractions hamper a man’s game both socially and professionally.

Indianapolis Colts Center and Super Bowl Champion Jeff Saturday has signed on to assist ACE in educating men on the tools they need to become an All-Star in language they can understand – football. Saturday and his bevy of ACE female referees will pass out penalty flags for follicle infractions, product samples and “Rules of the Game” promotional items at different markets around the country, including New England, New York, Buffalo, D.C., Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Charlotte and Atlanta.

ACE Rules of the Game Infractions

Penalty Flag Follicle Infraction Ace Product Solution

“Neutral Zone Infraction” Uni-brow Dual Action Tweezers

“Face Mask” Overgrown beard Facial Scissors

“Clipping” Long Fingernails Fingernail Clippers

“Off-sides” Uneven sideburns Dual Action Trimmer

“False Start” Bed head Pocket Comb

“Personally Foul” Un-kempt (Caveman) Facial Scissor & Comb

“Pass Interference” Dandruff on shoulders Dandruff Control Brush

“Unnecessary Roughness” Rough fingernails Nail File Pick

“Encroachment” Hair extending beyond its bounds Dual Action Trimmer

“Illegal Formation” Hair in the ears & nose Safety Scissors

“Roughing the Kicker” Dirty toenails Toenail Clippers

“Delay of Game” Steam impeding prep time Fogless Shower Mirror

“Ejection” Ingrown Hairs Precision Tweezer

“Injury Timeout” Splinters 3-in-1 Splinter Tweezer

“Illegal Blow To The Head” Unnecessary Follicle Pain ComfortFlex™ Brush

“Intentional Grounding” Dirty Fingernails Nail Brush

ACE Precision Grooming for Men - it’s time to clean up the act of men worldwide.

ACE products are available at Fred Meyer, Meijer, Long’s Drugs and other leading food, drug and mass market retailers.

About ACE Products, Inc. ®

ACE® is a part of Newell Rubbermaid’s portfolio of personal care brands, which includes Goody® and i|m™. Born in 1851, ACE launched the world’s first hard rubber comb. Now, 156 years later, ACE is introducing grooming tools specifically engineered for men. The innovative offering includes man-sized implements, ultra-sharp cutting blades, heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, Xtreme Grip™ and ComfortFlex™ technology. The ACE line of products delivers quality, durability and performance for men’s grooming needs. ACE is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.ACEforMEN.com.