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Dual Action Trimmer



Trim Nose & Ear Hair

  • 7200 rpm motors
  • rotating head
  • reciprocating head
  • on/off switches
  • diamond textured grip
Research shows that renegade nose and ear hair is just man's genetic code doing it's thing, and is therefore perfectly normal. Yet, society say it's just not cool.

No sweat. ACE's Dual Action Trimmer is built with two powerful 7200 RPM motors and a 2-sided trim system that features a rotating head for nose & ear hair and a reciprocating head for sideburns, facial & neck hair. With a diamond textured grip and ergonomic design, it delivers improved comfort and control.

Take that, society


Load up the ACE Dual Action Trimmer with two AAA batteries and switch on. Apply rotating and reciprocating heads to hair in target areas (avoid inserting too deep into nose or ears – trust us).