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Facial Grooming Kit



  • Trim | Facial hair
  • Comb
  • Ballistic nylon travel case
  • Beard & mustache comb
  • Detail facial scissors
Whether you're working the handlebar mustache (achem, we hope you're not), goatee, or full-on beard, facial hair makes a statement and your's says "sharp".

Let's keep it that way with the ACE Facial Grooming kit: packs a ballistic nylon travel case with a beard & mustache comb and Detail Facial Scissors, constructed with man-sized finger rings, ultra-sharp Stainless Steel 420 cutting blades, non-slip rubberized grip, and a precision trimming tip.

Magnum P.I. would be proud.


Use to trim mustaches, beards and other facial hair.

Currently not available for purchase.