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Toenail Clippers


Function | Cuts Toe Nails

  • Stainless steel 420 construction
  • 55º POWER CUT™ lever
  • straight blades to avoid ingrown toenails
  • clippings catcher
Cutting toenails with your average clippers is like fighting a band of crazed gypsies in the dark: you can't see what you're doing, splintery things are flying everywhere, and chances are you're walking away feeling pain.

All that's history with the ACE toenail clippers, featuring stainless steel 420 construction, a 55º POWER CUT™ lever for cutting thick nails, straight blades to avoid ingrown toenails, plus a built-in clippings catcher right in the thing.

You: 1 Gypsies: 0.


Cut toenails and empty clippings catcher.