Despite being all up in your face, facial hair has a tendency of catching guys off-guard. Arm yourself with the all-new arsenal of ACE Facial Hair Trimming Tools to ward off sneak attacks from unibrow, ear hair, runaway sideburns, and other repeat offenders.

  • Problem: Unibrow (close)

    Assignment: Grab the ACE® Dual-Action Tweezer or Precision Tweezer featuring an oversized grip and surgical tip for superior tweezing power and control with minimal pain. Lesson learned: two eyebrows are better than one.Details

  • Problem: Nose Hair (close)

    Assignment: Get rid of unsightly nose hair with the ACE® Safety Scissors featuring a blunted tip and textured grip for safe, controlled trimming with no nasty cuts. Nose hair is officially history.Details

  • Problem: Uneven Sideburns (close)

    Assignment: Neaten up sideburns in between haircuts with the powerful and portable ACE® Dual-Action Trimmer with built-in clipper attachment for a controlled, even trim. Sharp.Details

  • Problem: Bushy ‘Stache or Beard (close)

    Assignment: Tame unruly facial hair with the ACE® Facial Grooming Kit including the ACE® Facial Comb and Scissors for trimming mustaches, beards, eyebrows, or sideburns with 100% control and zero guesswork. You’re one class act. See also: ACE® Dual-Action TrimmerDetails


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