Just because feet tend to operate undercover doesn’t mean they’re not as groom-worthy as the rest of you. Stop the neglect with ACE’s industrial-grade Nail Care Tools, specially engineered with 50% more manliness for 100% hassle- and shame-free toe tending.

  • Problem: Hairy Toes (close)

    Assignment: Use the ACE® Safety Scissors or Dual-Action Trimmer to trim away coarse toe hair for feet that always get high marks for smoothness.Details

  • Problem: Tough Toenails (close)

    Assignment: Step up to the industrial-strength ACE® Toenail Clippers with oversized grip and ultra-sharp blades designed to cut through guy-thick toenails with ease. That wasn’t so tough.Details

  • Problem: Ingrown Toenails (close)

    Assignment: Avoid jagged edges that lead to painful ingrown toenails with the ACE® Toenail Clippers featuring a reinforced lever and ultra-sharp blades for a cleaner, healthier toenail trim. Never fails.Details


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