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Research shows that lots of guys’ heads suffer from afflictions like dandruff, thinning hair, and sensitive scalp. But thanks to ACE’s new line of highly advanced Hair Care Tools, your hair and scalp health will be head-and-shoulders above.

  • Problem: Dandruff (close)

    Assignment: Eliminate flakes with ACE® Dandruff-Control Brush or Dandruff-Control Pocket Comb featuring antimicrobial copper bristles scientifically proven to treat dry, itchy scalp. Dandruff dismissed.Details

  • Problem: Thinning Hair (close)

    Assignment: Switch to the ACE® Comfort-Flex Brush, Comfort-Flex Vent Brush or All-Purpose Comb intelligently designed to reduce snagging while stimulating follicles at the scalp for thicker, fuller hair. Multiple choice, no wrong answer.Details

  • Problem: Sensitive Scalp (close)

    Assignment: Upgrade to the ACE® Comfort-Flex Brush or Comfort-Flex Vent Brush with advanced Cushioned-Head technology for less snagging and smoother strokes to minimize scalp abrasion and pain. A no-brainer.Details

  • Problem: Neck Hair (close)

    Assignment: Reach for the battery-powered ACE® Dual-Action Trimmer with precision-trim dual rotating heads and an ergonomic grip ideal for buzzing neckline fuzz clean in seconds. Genius.Details


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