Due to cattle wrangling, saving tree-borne kittens, high-fiving, and other uniquely male behaviors, guys’ fingernails are highly susceptible to dirt, splinters, and persistent roughness. Grab hold of ACE’s high-performance Nail Care Tools, and your hands will be back in commission lickety split.

  • Problem: Dirty Fingernails (close)

    Assignment: Grab the ACE® Nail Brush to scrub away grit and grime under fingernails and buff outer nails and cuticles to a clean, smooth finish. Done? Let’s see a show of hands.Details

  • Problem: Removing Splinters (close)

    Assignment: Pull out the breakthrough ACE® 3-in-1 Splinter Tweezer with unique tri-head design for extracting deep splinters with maximum precision and minimal damage to surrounding skin. Triple the tweezing power—you do the math.Details

  • Problem: Fast-growing Fingernails (close)

    Assignment: Graduate to the ACE® Fingernail Clippers featuring stainless steel construction and our patented rubber gasket for more squeezing power and a surer, smoother cut. Don’t forget to check your work.Details

  • Problem: Rough Nails (close)

    Assignment: After clipping, use the advanced ACE® Nail File Pick to buff rough fingernails to a smooth, rounded finish in seconds. You will be graded on a curve.Details


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